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Comprehensive Mental Health & Substance Abuse Assessment
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Substance Abuse Counseling
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Mental Health Counseling
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Skills Training & Development
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Peer Recovery Support Services
Health Care Coordination
Our Vision

Experience, Strength, & Hope LLC., is committed to allocating Recovery Consulting Services to individuals who have an identified, substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders. Our main goal is to maximize Recovery Consulting Services in an intensive, intentional, and implicative way to preclude substance use, recidivism, and reduce symptoms of co-occurring disorders to achieve active recovery.

Our Mission

Experience, Strength, & Hope, LLC., provides individual therapy, as well as community-based skills training and development, to assist individuals who have been identified with substance use disorder, and co-occurring disorders. Many individuals, with substance use disorder, lack proper coping skills when faced with situations as well as knowledge of resources, to successfully sustain recovery. We know that individual therapy is necessary in addressing underlying issues that have perpetuated ongoing substance use. Overcoming immediate social barriers is a start in the journey of recovery. Experience, Strength, and Hope, LLC., specializes in linking individuals to outside service providers, once needs are identified, beyond the scope of our practice. We pride ourselves on bridging the gap between clients, and criminal justice providers, whom require advocacy, until they’re able to acquire self-efficacy. Our focus is creating therapeutic relationships with individuals through motivational interviewing. We promote mutuality towards treatment, motivation in fulfilling legal obligations, expressing empathy towards others, and assimilation into a personalized recovery community. By promoting autonomy, and encouraging individuals to trust our process while maintaining an authentic, willingness to change, we believe recovery is sustainable.

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