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Frequently Asked Questions


Entering treatment can be a scary endeavor. There may be many questions about what to expect upon entering: duration of treatment, will this effect my schedule, whether treatment will be successful, and more. Experience, Strength & Hope LLC., provides clients a unique opportunity to work alongside a team of trained, credentialed, and experienced professionals to devise personalized treatment plans that gauge your motivation, suits your needs, and requires immediate action to mitigate and eliminate barriers that have impacted your daily functioning. Experience, Strength & Hope LLC. accepts Medicaid, Anthem, and Caresource.

 01  How long does treatment last?

Experience, Strength, & Hope, LLC., provides individualized treatment to each client. Treatment completion is determined by the individual based on goals that are attempting to be accomplished while in treatment. Each month your treatment plan is reviewed, and updated. Your progress is determined by completion of set goals. If your treatment team determines you need more intense services referrals are made to outside treatment facilities, detox, or group therapy. 

 02  How much does treatment cost?

Experience, Strength, & Hope, LLC. provides many different ways to afford treatment. Experience, Strength, & Hope, LLC. believes treatment should be available to anyone who seeks change. We have various payment options to accommodate our clients. If we're not able to support your insurance we're more than willing to refer you to a reputable agency or community health center that will.

 03  Will my family be involved in treatment?

Family involvement is an integral component of an effective mental health treatment program. In many cases, the difference between long-term sobriety and relapse is the ability of a recovering individual’s loved ones to offer the necessary support (and to make the necessary changes) to promote healthy living. Education on mental health symptoms and familial impact are key to a family's success. Though every recovery experience is unique and personal, most effective treatment programs will encourage strong family involvement in the recovery and aftercare process.

 04  What if I have other disorders in addition to substance use?

Some individuals who have been diagnosed with Substance Use Disorders experience symptoms of other disorders, or are being primarily affected with disorders that exacerbate substance use. Mental health is as important as physical health. It includes your emotional, psychological, and social well being. Mental illnesses are serious disorders that can affect your thinking, mood, and behavior. There are many factors in these disorders, such as genetic makeup, family history, and life experiences. Experience, Strength, & Hope, LLC. helps each individual address underlying issues that have been barriers to experiencing recovery from substance use and mental health ailments.

 05  Do you treat PTSD?

Our integrated treatment will focus on addressing PTSD symptom reduction while establishing an early foothold in the  recovery process. The approach will be based in a psycho-education model, learning about the effects of trauma including symptom management and reduction tools and techniques.  Our treatment approach will be aimed at increasing client’s ability to tolerate distressing effects of PTSD and learn new and healthier, more effective coping strategies. As client's increase their knowledge about PTSD and how they had tried to manage the impact of the trauma, they will learn skills for reducing ineffective coping techniques used in the past with a new belief in themselves and their ability to manage their lives.

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